Utilizing videos to enhance communication with dental technicians

Sep 7, 2023

It is essential that the dentist and dental technician work together effectively as a team. From a video and other visual footage, the dental technician receives significantly more information of the patient’s intraoral condition: movements of the lower jaw, resilience of the oral mucosa, smile line and color of teeth can easily be seen. In addition, the dentist has the possibility to get essential feedback from the dental technician. Video material and other visual footage enhance communication with the dental technician and a higher level of co-operation is reached resulting in improved patient satisfaction.

Dental technicians are at a great disadvantage since they are usually not able to actually see the patient. Therefore, a digital photo can fill that important missing link. In cases where the dental technician doesn’t meet the patient in person, teamwork is only as good as the level of information the technician receives. Accurate instructions to the dental lab technician play an essential role in achieving the required outcome.

Traditionally, dentists communicate with their technicians (and vice versa) in a variety of ways, for example written instructions, drawings and phone calls. In addition to a dental impression, static analysis (photographs) is used for many purposes to enhance communication. From photography, the color of teeth, smile line and prevailing situation of the patient can easily be seen. Dental photography can significantly enhance the level of treatment provided.

To minimize the potential for remakes and for miscommunication, there is a need for more efficient ways to communicate with the dental technicians. Using a loupe or light mounted full HD / 4K -video camera enables dentists to take videos, make verbal instructions and bookmark photographs for the dental technician.

In general, video material is rarely used as a daily communication tool because it traditionally requires a lot of time and effort to process the videos so that they can be shared effectively with a dental technician. To send video material and photographs per email is problematic, not only because of the large file size, but also because of the lack of information security. Modern technology can solve these problems with Cloud sharing from a common resource pool to the entire treatment team regardless of geographical location. In order to enhance the communication between the dentist and dental technician, it is essential that no extra effort is required to produce high quality images and videos, and that sharing the video and image material fits existing treatment workflows.

This is why high-quality video material is a superior way to communicate with a dental technician:

The dental technician has the possibility to see the whole treatment. This enables the technician to get more information about the intraoral situation and about the tooth preparations.

Still images and videos combined with a verbal instruction shared over the Internet reaches all parties at the same time from a shared cloud case gallery. Comments, questions and additional information can easily be added in the common online location.
To give or receive feedback with objective video and verbal commenting, sent over the Internet, lets the team reach faster common understanding, without ambiguity or subjective descriptions.

From a video, the resilience of oral mucosa can easily be seen. The dental technician has the possibility to see the movements of lower jaw, lips, smile line, tongue, frenulae, floor of the mouth and soft palate, for example.
Video material with verbal instructions and photographs form an essential part of the communication to enhance cooperation between the dental technician and the dentist. To know more about how to benefit from using high quality camera systems to improve your daily workflow and results, contact our digitalization experts.

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Blog is edited from an article by originally published by Tidende, 2014.


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