Jonas Englund
Dental Hygienist, Master of Arts (Art and Design), Vocational Teacher

I am Jonas Englund, a dental hygienist based in Helsinki. Currently, I work as a teacher and clinical instructor for oral hygiene at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. 

Futudent Camera Usage

I primarily use the Futudent camera during teaching sessions in our skills lab. When demonstrating various techniques, such as using specific hand tools, the camera captures every movement. This footage can then be displayed to students on individual screens or a large screen. The outstanding picture quality ensures that each student has a clear view of the procedure without any obstacles. Additionally, the ability to record sessions and take photos allows me to reuse or replay the material as needed, giving me more time for personalized guidance. 


I recommend the Futudent camera to any educator teaching subjects that require precise fine motor skills. The camera can be securely attached in various ways, such as to loupes, dental lamps, or even a freestanding tripod. This flexibility enables creative use of the camera and recording software. Educators can record material in advance and review it with students online, in class, or as part of their teaching approach. 

Student Feedback

Students appreciate the clear view provided by the camera during demonstrations. The recorded material is easy to replay, allowing for thorough review. Sometimes, we also record students performing tasks so they can watch themselves and reflect on areas for improvement. Seeing oneself in action is a valuable teaching method. 

Potential Improvements

While the Futudent camera is user-friendly, aligning it with the subject being filmed can sometimes be a bit challenging. However, overall, it’s a great solution for our needs.