Dr Wayne Hollar
DDS, MAGD. General Dentist

Who are you and where are you from?

Wayne Hollar, DDS, MAGD. General Dentist from Lenoir, North Carolina, USA

Which Futudent camera do you use?

Original Futucam, then MicroCam and EduCam, and now ProCam XS

Why did you choose the Futudent camera?

In 2013 I was looking to replace a broken loupe-mounted camera from another manufacturer. When an
advertisement for Futudent appeared on my Facebook feed I was immediately interested in the camera.
Once I received the FutuCam, I was fully impressed with the camera, the software, and the company.
Since then, Futudent has continued to improve the cameras, the software, and the company. It all just
keeps getting better.

What are the main benefits of using the Futudent camera?

Better communication with assistants/auxiliaries; they see live exactly what I see through my loupes,
e.g., if the mirror is wet or the suction is obstructing my view. From that fact was born the phrase, “if
YOU can’t see the tooth that I am working on, then I can’t see the tooth that I am working on.”
Better communication with patients (they too see “what I see”)
Better communication (documentation) for patient charts
Better communication with specialists/pathologists or other professionals.

To whom would you recommend the Futudent camera?

Futudent is certainly NOT for everyone; it is only relevant for those professionals that feel
communication is critically important.

What kind of feedback do you get from your patients?

Very complimentary of the “new technology”; impressed with ability to “see inside the mouth” and
watch live video explanations.

How would you improve the camera/solution?

Futudent cameras are amazingly easy and useful as they are, which makes thinking of improvements
difficult. A few items to consider might be:

  • Improved mounting hardware for loupes (poorly mounted cameras/lights are a deterrent for
    dentists to continue using the camera)
  • Software bridging to programs like Dentrix and SmartImage