Alfonso Gil
Dentist, DDS, MS, PHD
How do you use Futudent camera. E.g. What kind of patient cases / situations?
I use the camera mostly to document surgeries or difficult restorative procedures. There are certain steps of certain treatments that are hard to describe by text or images. Video just does the trick, and for those Educators out there, Futudent cameras are user friendly and easy to use.
What are the main benefits that you get from using the Futudent camera?
It is user frienly, easy to install and offers high quality and resolution photos and videos. I have it installed on my camera and the videos are easy to record and of extremely high quality.
To whom would you recommend the Futudent camera?
Educators, dentist in the lecture circuit, and dentists willing to show their patients certain important aspects of their mouth. Anyone with a dental interest can use the camera.
Have you already received any feedback from your patients when using the camera?
Yes, they said “how cool and high-tech you are!”
Dr. Alfonso Gil
Bilbao, Spain