Sharing via Futudent Cloud Service

Futudent Cloud Service - uploading and sending
- Upload files to Futudent cloud service
- Send via Futudent cloud service

Getting started

Before applying the function, you would need to have a Futudent account.

  • Open in a web browser and select ‘Login‘ in the top right corner of the page.
  • Select ‘Create account‘ below the login form
  • If you already have a Futudent account, enter your login details.

Uploading recordings to Futudent cloud via recording software

  • Log in to your Futudent account
  • Start the Futudent recording application and log into your Futudent account to view recordings in your gallery. A login window is automatically opened when the recording application is launched. Alternatively, log in by clicking on the Gallery button in the bottom left corner of the application and then Login button in the top left corner.
  • Select Save and Share after making a new recording, or click on the video you wish to share in the gallery and select Upload / Send.
  • Select the Upload tab and click the Upload button to begin upload.
  • Log in to your Futudent cloud account from a web browser to view uploaded videos.

Uploading recordings to Futudent cloud via a web browser

  • Open, log in to your Futudent account. If you do not have a Futudent account, select Register in the top of the webpage and follow the prompts to set up your Futudent account.
  • Click on Upload button in the top right corner of your Futudent homepage
  • Fill in the Title, Description (optional), and Category of the recording you wish to upload
  • Click Choose the file to browse your computer and select the file you wish to upload
  • Click Upload

Share to the colleague via Cloud

  • Open and sign in to your Futudent cloud account.
  • From the Tasks menu on the left, click Add Case.
  • Enter the case title and description
  • Enter an email you would like to share your case with and click Add User (colleagues info). You are able to include multiple users as you would like to share.
  • Click the Add Media icon to select a recording from your Futudent cloud account or upload a new recording from your computer.
  • Click Create case to finish it
  • It will be listed in the Cases page. By clicking Edit, you able to edit case, add user and comment.