Sales Package Contents

A sales package may include the following items in 1 or 2 boxes.

Check your product’s instructions for use for product-specific contents, SKU numbers, and spare parts.


  • ┬áNot all items below are included for all cameras. Check your product IFU for typical contents.
  • The recording software is available for download on the website and not delivered with the product in the sales package, for example, on a CD or USB stick.
Camera Box Installation Kit Box (1)
  • USB camera cable 1,5 m
  • Screwdriver
  • Multi-language quick start guide
  • Product Instructions for Use
  • Additional lenses or parts ordered with the camera

    Inside the camera case (1) are:

    • (2) Cloth clip for cable management
    • (3) Cable spiral for cable management on the loupe arm
    • (4) Universal loupe/eye glasses clip
    • (5) Camera with ordered lens and ball joint mount installed
      • Futulight attachment and screws, shown installed below.
    • (6) Loupe mount attachment
    • (7) Overhead light adhesive attachment clip
    • (8) Focus assistant card

  • (2) 1pc USB foot control pedal
  • (3) 1pc USB camera cable 5m (white, can replace the 1,5m cable)
  • (4) 2pcs 5m USB extension cables (white)
  • (5) 15pcs curved adhesive cable clips for cable management
  • (6) 25pcs flat adhesive cable clips for cable management
  • (7) 1pc universal overhead light attachment (in a bag)