Installing Futudent App on Android OS mobile devices

- Download, install, and use the Futudent Android application
- To ensure the best in practices, it is good practice to regularly check for updates to your phone operating system and apps


1. Download & install Futudent app from Google Play Store.

2. Connect the camera to your mobile Android device with an active USB cable and OTG (on-the-go) adapter.

3. Start the Futudent app and grant all required permissions (only required first time app is run).

4. Live feed from camera should now be visible – if not visible, disconnect camera and reconnect after a few seconds

5. Right-side button functions (top to bottom)

  • Resolution: tap to choose between 1080p (full-HD) and 720p resolutions
  • Record: tap to start a recording
  • Photo: tap to take a picture which can be immediately viewed in phone’s photo gallery
  • Microphone: tap to mute/unmute microphone

6. Left-side button functions (top to bottom)

  • Gallery: recordings can be viewed here
  • Settings: change photo and video storage locations or disable preview in recording mode
  • Support: tap to access Futudent Guide and Futudent Support contact information

Changing storage location

To change the location where videos and/or photos from the Futudent app are stored:

  • Open the app
  • Tap the “settings” icon (left-side)
  • Tap the edit icon next to the location path – video storage or photo storage
  • Select Internal storage to choose a location on the phone’s memory or External storage to choose a location on an external SD card

Please ensure there is sufficient space in chosen storage location

Wireless streaming to a TV/Monitor

Casting lets you mirror your mobile device’s screen to a larger screen and is possible with a casting device such as MiraCast or Chromecast:

  • Connect the casting device to a monitor or TV
  • Connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network as you cast device or TV with Chromecast built-in
  • Select Cast from the device settings to see available cast devices
  • Select your Chromecast/Miracast or TV with Chromecast built-in that is currently casting content
  • To stop casting, pull down the notification drop-down on your device, tap the casting device and select disconnect

Please note: Not all phones support casting and certain phone have been optimized for casting so experiences may vary, please check your phone specifications! Android 4.4.2 or higher is required.

Transferring files to your local computer

1. SD Card
A quick way to transfer recordings to your PC is with an SD card – simply remove the card from your mobile device and plug into a computer. An external SD/memory card reader is required if the computer does not have an in-built SD card slot.

2. USB Cable
To transfer photos and recordings from your mobile device to a computer with a USB cable connection

  • Connect mobile device to computer
  • Select ‘File Transfer’ from USB options
  • Browse phone content with File Explorer/Finder
  • Copy and paste or drag and drop to any location on the computer

3. Cloud
Recordings may be uploaded directly to a cloud application such as Dropbox or iCloud