Attaching camera to Futudent products

- Attaching Futulight to the camera
- Attaching the camera to Futudent Headband
- Attaching the camera to Universal clip


A standard sale package includes:

Additional accessories:

Camera Box  Installation Kit Futulight Headband 
  • Camera
  • USB camera cable 1,5 m
  • Screwdriver
  • Cloth clip
  • Universal loupe clip
  • Spiral Temple Clip
  • System set-up quick guide
  • Focus assistant card
  • A camera case
  • 1 PC universal overhead light attachment.
  • 1pc USB control pedal
  • 1pc USB 5 m camera cable
  • 2 PCs 5 m USB extension cables
  • 40 PCs of cable clip




To mount your Futudent camera on the flexible arm

1. Open Camera Case

2. Futulight light attachment

3. Remove the lid on top of the camera

4. Installing the light attachment to the camera

5. Sliding the Futulight to the camera

6. Swap the Overhead Light Attachment (white) to the Y-part attachment

7. Sliding to the Headband

8. Or sliding to the universal clip

9. Installing the camera with Futudent products together