Dental hygienists

Your Advice Sent Home - Where Your Patient Needs It Most!

Enhance the way you provide dental care education to your patients and increase patient loyalty and satisfaction.

Improve your level of service with personalized home instructions

Enhance the way you provide dental care education to your patients and at the same time increase patient loyalty and satisfaction. It’s always difficult to help your patients understand your instructions, but with video it’s never been easier.

What is Futudent video dentistry?

  • High-quality camera technology. Specialized cameras designed to help you capture the perfect footage with minimal interruption.  Versatile mounting options for your dental light or loupes, and available in different sizes and resolutions to suit your needs.
  • Effective and Easy-to-Use Recording Software. Video recording and snap shots are controlled using a foot pedal leaving your hands free to work on your patient. Stop wasting time getting good images with an intraoral or digital camera.  The Futudent software makes it quick and easy to get the images you need with the tap of a pedal.
  • Cloud Service for Sharing Dental Videos. Your videos can also be saved in a highly secure Futudent cloud platform. They are accessible by password from any device, anytime, anywhere. You can also create personal groups for sharing videos, images, discussions and other files, e.g. with treatment teams, for professional consultations and educational purposes.

Teach your patients the right way to practice their oral health

Help your patients follow your instructions correctly. Make personal oral care videos for every patient helping them do the right things at home on their own. A video tells far more than just words. You can use dental videos in versatile ways to motivate and educate your patients:

  • See it together during the examination. You are able to review together and explain the situation in detail to really involve your patient in their personal oral care instructions.
  • Show it before they leave. A short video review of the procedure helps a patient understand what you have done, and what they need to do next.  You can show and explain to your patient why and how to follow your advice.
  • Send it home to your patient. Your guidance can be reviewed through your patient’s own mobile device at home whenever they need your help by reviewing your personalized instruction videos and pictures.

Motivate by showing the results of home care. In addition to hands-on education, personal dental videos help you and your patients follow up on the progress achieved between visits. A personal dental video library can be shared with the patient, making continuing care easier.

Help your patients to succeed in home care

Show how much you care about your patients’ dental health. Help your patients to understand why  regular home care, done correctly, improves their oral health. Personal dental education is an area where authentic images and guidance videos clearly enhance dialogue and improve motivation!

Provide personal guidance for each patient. Use effective education methods instead of leaflets and 3D-models. Now you can show and explain with the help of personalized video instructions exactly how you use the right techniques for each patient’s individual situation. This helps all patients, but especially those who have health problems or special needs after dental operations.

Furthermore, your personal advice is available for your patients’ reference at home where their hygiene work is actually done. Teach your patients how to clean and care for the teeth with as many repetitions as your patient needs.