Remote education with Futudent solution

Sep 11, 2023

Schools, universities and all educational institutions are struggling with the challenge of providing continued high-quality education and teaching remotely. Futudent offers efficient tools for these purposes.
Take a moment to study this option. We focus below on dental education, but the solution can be applied to any other similar conditions, it is very versatile solution.

Dental education

Teaching how to approach and tackle complicated oral health problems and situations is a challenging task. Videos and step-by-step photos are excellent educational tools to visualize dental procedures and techniques. During corona-virus conditions, phantom head procedures will do the trick. Videos with the educator’s personal insights and concretely shown procedures draw the attention and keep the focus on the subject. Real videos from the dentists’ viewpoint explain more than any words. They can be shared and repeated as many times as needed.

See examples of video enhanced dental training:

Video-enhanced dental training case: University of Oulu 

Example of Treatment planning by Dr. Peter Rusanen

Benefits for remote teaching and learning with Futudent solution

  • You can record and show the students the real or simulated dental procedures and techniques by videos and/or still photos.
  • Authentic videos and images show exactly what you see, do and mean.
  • You can record the material in advance and share it when needed, and it is possible to edit the material or share it as such.
    – If edited, you can add remarks about important phase.
    – The solution enables bookmarks which highlight important phases without editing.
  • The material can be shared on-line, integrated into a presentation, through a shared work space or as an e-mail link.
  • You can use this material to support theories and other existing study material and create more interesting and motivating study material.
  • Video catches the attention of the students providing realistic view of clinical work.
  • Students can study and review the material as many times as needed, to be sure to understand everything.
  • Student can also make questions and comments to the material. This fully interactive method is possible via Futudent cloud platform.
  • In normal conditions students would be able to record their own simulations and share it for evaluation and comments to the teacher. This will be possible when we are all able to return to normal life.

What does the Futudent solution include in practice?

The Futudent solution consists of

  • miniature video camera for high-resolution video and photo shooting
  • software for recording and photographing
  • cloud services for quick and easy sharing

Recording videos and taking still images during the dental work is simple and easy. The small, lightweight Futudent camera can be mounted on the chair light, loupes or on “gooseneck”. The recording software is controlled completely hands-free by a foot pedal without interrupting the ongoing procedure.

Futudent cameras are compatible with any UVC-application enabling also live video streaming solutions like Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc. Read more about streaming and sharing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We are here for you to share and show our care. Contact !


Futudent dental video communication system allows easy communication with patients, experts and technicians. The dentist-patient communication is crucial for good patient satisfaction, and the Futudent system takes that to a new level.