Enhancing dental hygiene education with Futudent cameras at Metropolia

May 24, 2024

At Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, both educators and students in the dental hygiene program are experiencing significant benefits from incorporating Futudent’s cameras into their curriculum. We had the opportunity to visit Metropolia to see Futudent cameras in action both in the classroom and teaching clinic. Metropolia’s lecturer,  Johanna Manninen explained that the camera is a game-changer in dental hygiene education. “It allows students to see procedures in great detail through the monitor rather than trying to look over the instructor’s shoulder,” she noted. This not only saves time by reducing the need for repeated demonstrations but also enhances visibility, ensuring that all students get a clear view of the techniques being taught.

Mimetic learning

The use of cameras enables a model of learning where demonstration and practice occur almost simultaneously. “When something is demonstrated, students can immediately try it themselves at their workstations,” Johanna said. This mimetic learning process is crucial, as students often replicate even minute details like the positioning of fingers, which they can clearly see on the large screen provided by the camera.

The Futudent cameras provide an exceptional level of detail, which is vital in dental education. “You can show tiny movements, such as the rocking motion of an instrument, much more clearly,” Johanna described. Combining verbal instructions with these visual aids significantly accelerates the learning process.

Reducing clinical anxiety with pre-visualization

Johanna also highlighted how cameras help students prepare for real-life clinical situations, which can often be nerve-wracking. “The stressful clinical environment can be intimidating, but having seen the procedures in detail beforehand helps students recall the steps more confidently,” she shared.

In dental hygiene, precision is everything. Johanna emphasized, “Working on a small area, the difference of a millimeter can determine the success of a procedure.” Cameras allow instructors to show how instruments should be navigated into tight spaces like gum pockets, improving the educational outcome.

Students appreciate the efficiency and clarity that cameras add to their learning experience. “With a camera, you only need to show once, which is great. Without it, only one or two students would get the correct viewing angle,” a student mentioned. Especially for areas that are traditionally difficult to visualize, such as the back of the mouth, cameras provide a much-needed enhanced perspective.

Theory and practice integrated

The cameras also facilitate a seamless integration of theory and practical application. “An instructor can explain a concept in theory using the camera and then immediately demonstrate it in practice,” Johanna pointed out. This dual approach helps cement understanding and application of dental techniques.

The integration of Futudent cameras at Metropolia has not only streamlined the educational process but also enriched the learning experience by providing clarity, enabling immediate practice, and reducing clinical anxiety. As dental technology evolves, tools like these play a pivotal role in shaping future professionals who are well-prepared with both knowledge and practical skills.


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