Choosing the right camera for your professional needs

Nov 10, 2023

In dentistry, the right camera isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a tool that shapes the way
professionals work and communicate. Using dental cameras in daily work with every
patient, all dental professionals can elevate their practice, make better income and
significantly increase customer satisfaction. In this blog we have gathered some key
benefits and product recommendations for different kind of use.

General practitioners are focusing on efficiency and practicality in their everyday work. The
smartCam, a 4K auto-focus camera designed for optimal light mount performance,
simplifies their workflow. It integrates seamlessly with treatment lights, offers versatile
mounting options, and streamlines the diagnosis and treatment process. Dr Wayne Hollar
is a general dentist from North Carolina, USA. He has been using the Futudent solution
since 2013 and is very pleased with the benefits of it: “With Futudent I can have better
communication patients and the whole team. They see live exactly what I see through my
loupes, e.g, if the mirror is wet or the suction is obstructing my view” (Link to testimony).

For key opinion leaders, setting trends and inspiring change is a daily mission. That’s
where the ProCam XS steps in. It’s not just about being the world’s smallest, lightest, and
most affordable 4K medical camera; it’s about leading through exceptional visuals. This
camera empowers KOLs with cutting-edge imagery, versatility through multi-mount
options, and consistency in quality via manual focus. We at Futudent work closely to world
leading dental KOL’s. One of our valued key opinion leaders is. dr. Charlie Cage, see her
video here

Educators require cameras that help them teach, demonstrate procedures, and create
educational content. Versatile tools like the ProCam XS or smartCam cater to their needs.
The ProCam XS’s high-quality imagery and adaptability align well with their teaching
goals, while the smartCam’s ease of integration with various setups aids in effectively
demonstrating procedures.

Dental hygienists need tools for patient education, documentation, and clinical
assessments. The ProCam XS fits perfectly into their toolkit. Its portability, exceptional
imaging quality, and manual focus for consistent depth of field assist hygienists in their
clinical assessments.

For surgical documentation, treatment planning, and patient education, oral surgeons
require precision and versatility. Both the ProCam XS and smartCam present viable
options. The ProCam XS with its cutting-edge imaging quality and multi-mount options
aligns well with their surgical documentation needs. Meanwhile, the smartCam’s focus on
optimal light mount performance assists in treatment planning.

Choosing the right dental camera isn’t only about technical details; it’s about
understanding the problem it can solve. The ProCam XS and smartCam aren’t just
cameras: they’re purpose-built tools for all dental professionals. Futudent cameras with
designated software are about elevating dental practice, fostering innovation, and
supporting the quest for excellence within each specific field.

Futudent dental video communication system allows easy communication with patients, experts and technicians. The dentist-patient communication is crucial for good patient satisfaction, and the Futudent system takes that to a new level.