Benefits of using dental video with pediatric patients

Sep 12, 2023

Pediatric patients often deserve extra attention at the dentist’s and hygienist’s office. When the atmosphere is positive, the overall experience becomes easier for all parties. Dental video technology and live image of your own mouth is interesting and helps the young patient to settle down and focus.

An important aspect with children is how well the given oral health instructions are understood. Parents or other carergivers play a big role in this and dental video solutions offer possibilities that make their job easier.

Dental video draws the attention to what is important

Personal dental video helps pediatric dental patients and their parents focus on what is important. Seeing exactly what the dentist sees creates interest and calms down possible anxiousness. Furthermore, videos can be used to motivate children in taking better care of their teeth.


Futudent dental video communication system allows easy communication with patients, experts and technicians. The dentist-patient communication is crucial for good patient satisfaction, and the Futudent system takes that to a new level.