Why Choose Futudent Solution?

Futudent non-interruptive cameras offer substantial advantages over conventional dental interruptive cameras, including DSLRs and intraoral cameras.

You can effortlessly capture both photos and videos, facilitating seamless patient communication, thorough documentation, and efficient collaboration within your treatment team, all achieved in a matter of seconds.

Our technological advancement significantly boosts your productivity, enhances customer satisfaction, and greatly improves patient communication, elevating the overall quality of dental care you provide.

Non-interruptive video and pictures increase all aspects of documentation and communication in practice.

Enhancing dental care education to patients and increasing their loyalty and satisfaction.

Video is the best tool for learning and improving the dental education experience.

Video documentation offers great benefits for medical doctors, nurses and even veterinarians.

Dental camera solutions

Futudent Solution's benefits

  • Instant hands-free documentation without interrupting the treatment
  • Hygienic non-invasive camera, easy disinfection
  • Use less time and effort for documentation, sharing and interaction
  • Concrete case visualization and patient treatment plans
  • ROI: 2-4 new treatment justifications
  • Safety and security for any eventual liabilities
  • Excellent tool for education

Mobile solution

With Futudent Mobile Solution you can instantly share documentation and show procedure in real time as you can live stream directly to your screen.

Download the App and go untethered.



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