Futudent Dental video award

1) Logos must not be added to the videos/pictures Exception 1: Trademarks or logos related to the actual treatment are allowed but all direct commercial marketing, shown or narrated, is prohibited. Example of approved use […]

Futudent selfie stick in use

Futudent, the leader in video dentistry developed the Mouth-ie for dental enthusiasts everywhere.  The convenient camera extension helps you take the perfect shot while posing for selfies in your favorite dentist’s chair.The dental selfie stick’s sleek, ergonomic […]

To promote video dentistry and information sharing we are proud to launch the world’s first video dentistry competition  – the $10 000 Dental Video Award at IDS 2015. The contest will award a prize of $10,000 to […]

Futudent visited Dr. Malcolm Levinkind, UK’s well-known pediatrician, laser-user and, of course, Futudent-user for almost two years. Dr. Levinkind provided lots of information on his work with young children, some as young as 3 days […]